Drael Lightshield

Half Elf Paladin


Level 1 Character Sheet here

STR 11
CON 15
DEX 10
WIS 16
CHA 18

Half-Elf Paladin, Longsword + Heavy Shield + Scale Mail

Bolstering Strike
Enfeebling Strike
Shielding Smite
Radiant Delirium
Eye Bite (from half-elf Dilettante)

Class Powers
Lay on Hands
Divine Challenge
Channel Divinity

Racial Features
Vision: Low Light
Group Diplomacy – Grant allies +1 raciall bonus to Diplomacy

Toughness (+5 HP each tier)



Back story

“Constable Braff, front and centre!” came a cry from the desk of the master at arms, Captain Green.

Drael was leaning against a wall in the common area, lost in thought about the events of the previous night. Bar fights and brawls were becoming more and more common and vicious, was it that the current economic downturn left the citizens of Fallcrest with no better entertainment or was it something more sinister?

Drael had spent the last 12 years as a member of the Fallcrest guard and his good nature and friendly outlook meant he was extremely popular and well liked, particularly among the shop and tavern owners for whom he mostly dealt with in one of his roles as merchant liaison. In that time he has witness the normally peaceful town descend in to near anarchy in recent times, and as hard as he tried, Drael felt mostly powerless to make a significant difference, employed as he was by the incumbent Fallcrest Guard.

“Drael, your report on the incident at The Pig and Poke last night omits a few key factors”

“Sir?”, Dreal was always very thorough with his reports, he followed the provided template by the letter.

“Yes, it is very thorough but it lacks your own interpretation of events, it’s a bit….cold” said Green, with a slight smirk.

Drael rarely got directly involved in these sort of incidents any more, he was usually called in after the fact to gather evidence and identify perpetrators in crimes ranging from petty theft to murder, his analytical approach to crime investigation was highly valued and his arrest and conviction rate was the best in the guard. He ordinarily wouldn’t have been called in to investigate a simple bar brawl at all but the brutality of the altercation and subsequent death of a bar maid was the third unusual death in as many weeks. Drael was working on a theory that the deaths were related but hadn’t managed to make a connection, yet.

“Sir, the template …”

“I know the template doesn’t call for subjective analysis but we’re not robots Drael, we are agents of order and justice. If I wanted the city protected by mindless automatons I would hire wizards to summon golems to do your work.”

“I understand, I will re-submit the report immediately.”

“No time for that, I’m putting Withers on the case, I have a special mission for you… “

Physical Description & more information

While Drael only of average height his aura of command and charisma extend well beyond his physical appearance. After building a career in law enforcement within Baldur’s Gate (think Medi-evil CSI) he was sent as an envoy to work with the Church on Bahamut on a special investigation which changed his outlook on humanity and elvenkind forever (it is also where he earned his last name, Lightshield)

Born to a human mother and an elven father Drael shares the best features of both, his elven facial features mean he is regarded as very hansom (to both elves and humans) but his human heritage means that he is generally more durable than his his pure elven siblings.

Luckily for Drael, unlike many half-breeds his incredible demeanor and attractive appearance means that has not been rejected by either of his racial boodlines, embraced as a leader of both elves and humans and a holy warrior for all.

Drael Lightshield

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