A Dark Winter's Tale

Session 3 & 4

Exploring deeper into the bowels of the keep, the party discovered a heavily defended goblin lair. The keen eye of Guybrush noticed just in time that a pit trap lay in wait in the middle of the first room and the party avoidied it without incident but there were plenty of other challenges waiting for them.

Stealthy goblins armed with crossbows took cover behind tables and chairs, a giant stone ball trap tried to crush them and the general atmosphere was unsurprisingly hostile.

(DM note: Ball trap? I think you’re mis-remembering the ball trap from Kobald Hall?)

The party found a secret entrance to an unusually oppulent bedroom and encountered a large sleeping Goblin who they later learned was named “Balgron the Fat”, before the filthy creature could get to him feet and flee the party has dispatched him and slipped back through the secret passage to avoid the remaining goblins in the area.

Climbing inside the room the players interrupt Balgrons now very shocked lite companion. It instantly vaults at Guywood but only just managing a scratch. It’s screeching begins to attract the other goblins, it must be silenced quickly. Guywood returns attack quickly followed by Thane. Thought as the dream combination but obviously not yet, both miss letting the little bugger get a swipe at Zenith. Thane swings at the goblin and gets a lucky slice this time dividing the goblin. Thanes axe was now a cheese cutter.

Now the walls begin to rock and shake as 20 goblins attempt to break in. A bunch of them are all yelling something but drool was what the majority of the party heard. A powerful goblin yell emerges over all the racket and keeps yelling until the walls slower their rocking. The racket dies out and the players all look at each other wondering what was happening. A loud voice could clearly be heard having the attention of all the others. “Balgron is dead!! yyeeooorrrrhhhhggghhh!!!” “Yyyyyyeeeooooooorrrrrrrrrggggggrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

A look of ‘What now’ is the expression on most of the players faces just as something fires up the goblins again. The ruckus sounds like the goblins are all fighting amongst themselves now. The players relieved they be not the focus this time are happy to sit this one. It appears they are fighting over leadership, one of the players confirms that is the goblin way. The players wait it out and eventually the goblins take their fighting away. The whole level felt like it had just dried out, it was very quiet again. The players take a quick rest and to also let the place cool off before continuing.

While the goblins searched the floors above them, the characters descended another level where killer rats dropped from the ceiling in dank caves and later, a giant tentacled blob was a challenge. It pushed Zenith into a slimy pool but the characters rallied giving the athletic rogue a chance to collect the ‘treasure’ (including a Cape of the Mountebank) from the small island. Once the treasure was recovered, they backed away and continued exploring. They party also found anote from some slavers based in the Thunderspire Mountains.

They entered a different part of the underground complex and were assaulted by the undead. Fortunately Guybrush proved his clerical merits and the party made relatively short work of them. The altars to Bahamut provided a magical and purging force that swept through the massive room a little too late to be useful but a pleasant enough effect.

What did I miss?



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