A Dark Winter's Tale

Session 2

The party pulls back and takes a cautious breather keeping a close eye on the waterfall. As Guywood assists with dressing wounds, Kael steps out of the undergrowth.

“Finally! Thane, I know you said “follow the bodies, laddie” but did you have to leave them dismembered?”

Pausing for a moment, Thane wiped his nose with the back of his hand and wiped the resulting mess into the grass. “It’s the axe, laddie, she makes the cuts. I just pick who gets ‘em.”

Guywood and Logen were examining the magical circle.

Bending down to examine the brutal runes on the rocks, Logen said “It seemed to offer the kobolds some protection while they were in it, but I wonder what the area of effect was?”

Testily, Guywood replied. “That’s just theory we just don’t have time for. It is evil and should be destroyed and from a tactical standpoint it would be a bad idea to have something this powerful at our backs. Any thoughts?”


“Good idea.”

One of the kobolds had run south-east from the battle-field and Random and Kael tracked him to another entrance a few hundred yards away from the waterfall. This one did not appear to be guarded. They stealthily checked out the waterfall as well and could clearly see Kobolds waiting for them, though they seemed none-too-keen to step out.

They pulled back a little and consulted Thane…

The kobold body smashed into the waiting kobolds and their cries of dismay told Thane that it was a job well done. He rushed back to the rest of the party, ready at the other entrance only a short distance away, pulling his axe from the straps as he ran. “Alright Snaga, it’s your turn.”

Squandering the element of surprise, the ensuing battle was hellish. Thane was smashed to the ground by the brutish goblin, Irontooth, five or six times and Guywood was exhausted from magically reviving him every couple of minutes. The party’s mood was grim, sitting amongst the bodies of the fallen kobolds.

Random looked around at the room, and could see other signs of recent battle – a few other parties of heroes had not made it this far. She wondered how long their luck would hold…

Limping back into town they checked back into the Inn, leaving Thane in their rooms, they headed downstairs to the fire and a mug of mead. Thane and Logen were looking forward to a few.

Anyone else want to pick it up from here?

5. Heading back, we found the towns-folk had become emo

6. We discovered that ranger-chick was a spy

7. We got the research back from the old guy – a rift site existed at the keep

8. We dropped Irontooth’s head into the Lord, he gave us a powerful magical item

9. Spent the night recovering from the earlier pounding (see 4. above)

10. Heading for the rift…



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