A Dark Winter's Tale

Session 1 - Pre-session notes

Here’s a quick summary of where we are at:

After defeating the baby dragon and emerging from the cave the party head back to town to speak with (what’s his name – I dunno, Julian doesn’t update the portal page with session notes)...anyway, talking to generic scottish patriarch back in town you are invited to dinner, during which you are introduced to Guywood Brindle, a cleric who has been charged with the duty of investigating potential cult activity near the town of Winterhaven, about 2 days journey to the south. Guywood has done some preliminary investigations which has led him to the conclusion that the reports of cult activity near Winterhaven are probably just hysterical rantings by a few merchants and travellers who have been molested by Kobolds on the roads to and from the settlement but his superiors have determined that he should travel to Winterhaven and make a full report, and at the very least quell the Kobolds.

Guywood (I keep wanting to say Guybrush) was sent to <generic> after his superior heard of your adventures in kobold hall (news travels fast) and he has come to enlist your help to travel to Winterhaven and continue his investigations.

Also, being an avid historian and collector of maps <generic> offers you a small fee to map out the area around Winterhaven and any other sites of interest, his fee will be 100gp.

At this point Drael (the Paladin) receives an urgent message that he was required to return to his day job, he wishes you well in your trip and says he will try and catch up as soon as he can.

This is where our adventure begins.


Thankfully, Guywood, being well versed in the arts of outdoor survival quickly assays that Winterhave is in fact 2 days march to the Northwest. A 2 day march south would have ended up with the party encountering the [CENSORED] and the [CENCORSED] far too early in the campaing. Not to mention the army of [CENCORSED] they would have encountered in the “Witchlight fens”...

Session 1 - Pre-session notes

Yeah well, north/south, they would have gotten there eventually (assuming the planet is round), they’ll all be dead before they realise the mistake anyway.

These comments are GM private, right?

Session 1 - Pre-session notes

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