A Dark Winter's Tale

Session 1 (a real one!)

Winterhaven and beyond

Setting out from the safety of the thick stone walls of Fallcrest our heroes set out for Winterhaven. For several hours the journey is easy over a road which looks like it has seen better days but is still fairly flat and even. Suddenly, the party is set upon by eight creatures which they quickly recognise as Kobolds. The ambush is over fairly quickly with minor injuries to all except the now expired Kobolds. Thane played a good game of hide the axe while the rest of the party decided melee combat is for losers. The party have a short rest and push on to Winterhaven, which they reach just on dusk.

In town they head straight to the inn where they meet some locals, of particular note are:

- Salvana the barkeep (and owner of the inn) who makes some introductions to some of her patrons.

- Valthrun the sage is the occupant of the tallest building in Winterhaven, a five (or is it six?!) storey tower where he lives and maintains a small library of tomes. The party discuss the history and current status of the keep and Valthrun admits his knowledge in that area is limited but promises to do some research and pass on any information the next time they meet.

- Ninaran is an elven ranger who is unwelcoming at first but soon warms up when it becomes apparent that the party is here to investigate the ongoing evil cult activity in the area. She has noticed strange goings on around town and particular in an area to the south-east of town. She also says that nobody in town listens to her warnings and she even suspects that the people of Winterhaven are in league with the cult.

- Lord Padraig is the leader of the town, is quite well off and maintains a small militia. When you meet with Padraig he explains how the Kobolds are becoming bolder with their raids on outlying areas of the town and they seem to be getting closer and cloer. His current resources are such that his men have to stay close to town and can’t go further afield to investigate but he is will to pay you 100 gold if you bring back evidence of dead kobolds from an area near a waterfall to the south east. The party is careful to not ask about cult activity.

As previously discussed, the accents used by all the people in Winterhaven are all remarkably similar, right down to their mispronunciation of the word “Paladin”. Odd.

The party stay overnight at the inn and have a quick look around market day before heading off to investigate the waterfall.

On the way, the party encounter another Kobold ambush, those cheeky little scamps! This time the Kobolds are a little more organised and have among them a Runepriest who happily flings acid balls and nasty glances at the party but to no avail, the Kobolds are overcome with a sudden bout of death. One of the Kobolds manages to escape (with the assistance of Guywood’s fear spell) and legs it south-east.

The party set up at a vantage point overlooking a Waterfall, below them they see quite a large number of Kobolds milling around as Kobolds do. Thane lights a fire and lures one Kobold out, dispatching it in short order, leaving the rest of the Kobolds spooked. The rest of the party remain hidden. A small number of Kobolds run through the waterfall and the party suspect access to a larger area behind the waterfall. The rest of the Kobolds set up strategic positions around the river and inside an odd glowing circle carved in the ground.

The party split themselves into two groups, hoping to gain a tactical advantage. Thane and Guywood head for the Kobolds in the glowing circle, while Logen and Zenith exchange missile fire across the river and pretty soon the battle is won.

What will happen next? What’re the strange sounds coming from behind the waterfall? What is the purpose of that odd glowing circle which now contains 16 litres of Kobold blood and some assorted meaty parts? When will Chris stop using different miniatures to represent minions in each battle and will he ever stop switching from first to third person in these story summaries?!

Find out, next month!


The comments are GM private to logged in players but anonymous users can read them! I think that’s a design flaw…

Session 1 (a real one!)

Well, that’s freakin hilarious!

(they’re actually not GM private,if you mean my comment on the last post I was just trying to be funny, epic fail)

Session 1 (a real one!)

OK, story has been subjected to “Grammar Time” and some details added. I hope you don’t mind.

Session 1 (a real one!)

Not at all, that’s why it’s a wiki. Go for it.

Session 1 (a real one!)

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