A Dark Winter's Tale

Giant Adventures

Returning to Adakmi, along with a flood of very confused and guilty-looking ex-cult members, the party sought out the town mayor, Adrath. Clearly unhappy with the changes the players wrought upon his little town, he hired the party to seek out Winterhaven and establish a trade agreement to obtain supplies. The party suggested taking some of the refugees with them to Winterhaven as they have need of a workforce to rebuild the keep and Adrath, clearly pleased with this, agreeed to sponsor them to the tune of 200GP.

On their way to Winterhaven, the summer weather turned sour and a storm loomed large. As the wind began to howl around their laden carts, a gigantic crash was heard in the distance. Quickly dismounting, Zenith scouted the area while Logen, Isolde and Drael moved the carts under cover.

What they found staggered the senses. Through the lashing rain and flashing lightning, an enraged Hill Giant was attacking a small farmhouse, smashing it to pieces. The dead bodies of a woman and two children could be seen outside the house but it was clear that the giant’s primary focus was on someone inside the house. As the players cautiously approached, they heard desperate cries from inside.

Isolde and Drael took on the giant while Zenith distracted it with her crossbow. This enraged the giant even further but allowed Logen to get into the farmhouse and rescue the farmer (and his pig).

The giants mighty fists battered both Drael and Isolde but eventually they toppled him with an echoing crash.

They helped the farmer bury his wife and children and continued on to Winterhaven, arriving safely. Catching up with old friends, the party checked the keep’s progress and looked into the banditry issue. It turned out that an ex-Advisor of the mayor may be involved with the trouble and from his description the players realise that the they’ve been duped! The farmer was none other than Torvin himself!

They quickly headed back to the farmhouse, only to discover the bodies of the men they had left behind to assist with rebuilding had been strung up – a cruel mockery of their concerns for the farmer. Checking inside, their fears were confirmed – stuffed inside a trunk was the body of the real farmer, throat cut by Torvin.

A track, perpendicular to the road leads into the hills and the players begin the climb – on the trail of a murderer.



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