A Dark Winter's Tale

Some more post-session notes

I had a thought about Thane, he either got unlucky or is a little fragile for a front line tank/fighter. As I said yesteday that battle would have gone down much easier with the Paladin taking the heat off Thane, but Michael you may want to look at the Toughness feat, it gives you 5 extra hit points per tier (i.e. 5 at 1st level, 5 more at 11th and 5 more at 21st). It probably wont seem like much by level 5-6 but at level 1-4 it will make a big difference..and remember you get an extra Feat every 2 levels so you can decide is what you’re giving up to take Toughness is worth waiting until level 2 to take and how much difference those 5 extra hit points will make until you can take that Feat.

I have also reconsidered Dragonborne as a race so if any of you want to switch, feel free…I’m not even sure if I can use being Dragonborn as an excuse for villagers to chase you around wih pitchforks either, they seem to be a well respected and revered race.

I have also updated Drael’s character sheet to be as complete as possible to give you an example of how all yours should look, right down to the equipment list and attack/power/skills list so the actual character sheet pages are being automatically filled in from the lookup sheets. If you all do this then send me the end result I’ll put them in my Dropbox so we have an up to date copy of each (Obsidian Portal doesn’t allow you to upload your sheets, yet).

Here’s Drael Lightshield (yes, he changed his name, again)

Drael Lightshield

Also take a look at the Drael Lightshield page on the portal as an example of how i’d like you to lay yours out. It doesn’t have to be fancy just try to put all the relevent information there so it’s easy to see at a glance.


Alistair (Ash) asked about the +7 BAB I have on some of my attack skills:

The +7 comes from CHA based attack/powers which use my proficient melee weapon, so the total bonus is +3 from the weapon (which is +1 from STR and + from being proficient) +4 from the CHA bonus. So, as you can see it’s better for me to use those at-will powers which use CHA than to simply hit stuff with my Longsword, you will all most likely be faced with a similar situation. On the same page, notice how Radiat Delirium only has a bonus of +4, that’s because it isn’t a melee power and doesn’t gain the benefit of the Longsword bonuses, so unlessI find some sort of funky + bonus holy symbol that’s as good as it gets unless I can boost my CHA (which I will do at level 4).

Also, one thing that I stumbled upon is that when you level up you get a chance to ‘retrain’ your character, this means dropping one feat, power, or skill an changing it to another, you can do this EVERY time you level up, but only to one power/skill/feat every level, there are some exceptions documented on page 28 of the PHB.

Some more post-session notes

I got confused with thinking that a Longsword had a prof bonus of +2 not +3. Silly me :) Couldn’t figure out where the extra +1 came from.

Thanks for the explanation.

Some more post-session notes

It doesn’t seem possible to edit comments, even your own..lame…anyway, as I explained in email I got he +3 break down wrong, +1 isn’t from STR, the whole +3 is from the Longsword proficiency bonus.

Some more post-session notes

Did you guys get to use healing surges? You can use 1 per encounter and it heals 1/4 of your hit points (its like a second wind) With a paladin or cleric they have powers that can allow you to use more than 1 per encounter as well – might have made a difference.

Some more post-session notes

I thought Second wind allowed you to use a healing surge once per ecounter. Not both?

I threw the Paladin in the mix when things started going pear shaped, he did makea big difference even as the initial healbot he was being used as.

Some more post-session notes

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